This was truly an amazing celebration of 2 people making their vows in front of family and friends in their own backyard. The hashtag for the day was #hintoflove, and I must say that there was more than only a hint… Jason & Selest are kind, loving and very sincere and you can feel this by just spending 5 minutes with them.  Karen did a great job with all the ladies hair and make up. Selest looked stunning in her beautiful dress. They made their promise on the stairs of their family home with all of the family as witnesses. A gin bar was the perfect fit and the guests enjoyed all the different flavours available.

One thing was certain on the day and this was that I just knew that there will be a huge party going on later that night in the marquee tent. A live band, a coffee barista and awesome food was just that added touch. May God Bless you guys in abundance in many years to come!
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