James & Lizelle is such an amazing couple! They fell in love some time ago and this is how their journey begins as a married couple. The venue chosen for their start as a married couple is the beautiful Oxbow country estate just 30min drive outside Pretoria. Lizelle was one of the most relaxed brides I have ever met. You could just sense that this is going to be one for the books.

Lizelle looked amazing in her dress by Bridal wardrobe. The whole day was just one amazing event and one that wont be forgotten by their family and friends.

Thank you guys for you hospitality and just the awesome way that you enjoyed your special day! May God bless your marriage in the many years to come!

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Wedding Dress: Bridal Wardrobe

Flowers: ICT Flower Design

Makeup: Marisa Manzi

Hair: Amara Aesthetics