On Saturday the 3rd of December, Eben & Ronelle said their I do’s at Green Leaves Country lodge. What a beautiful day they were blessed with, we had the best weather to capture their amazing day. When I arrived at the honeymoon suite, Tamaryn was on the go getting the ladies ready for the big day. They looked so beautiful and Ronelle’s smile could light up just about any room… Eben and his groomsmen looked stunning in their suits and we kept shooting in the room where the aircon was on full blast.

Werner Dey dressed Ronelle in a stunning wedding dress and taking photos of her was such a pleasure. It was such an emotional moment when Ronelle entered the chapel and when her dad gave her away the tears rolled down his cheek. It was a great day to get married and I thank you guys for making us part of your wedding day!
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Venue: Green Leaves

Dress: Werner Dey Couture

Makeup: Tamaryn Pretorius

Hair: Hidden Jewell Hairstylist  Lelani

Shoes: Christian Michael

Flowers: Café Fleur

Band: Monkeys wedding