“You have my whole heart for my whole life” is what Thomas & Natasha vowed to each other on their special day.

And what an astonishing day it was at the Oxbow Country Estate. This was a very elegant, modern wedding filled with love. It complimented their couple style too perfection.

We fell in love with Thomas and Natasha right from the start.
They are such a wonderful couple. So kind, spontaneous and with a sense of adventure.

There aren’t any words to describe how beautiful Natasha looked in her white dress. She wore the meaning of the perfect bride quite excellent.
The gentleman were so fun to be around and looked quite handsome in their suits.
When Natasha made her way down the aisle she left everyone speechless and Thomas with the biggest smile that we have ever seen. So happy to know that now he can spend his whole life with the girl he loves more than anything and to be able to call her his wife.

The couple shoot was excellent. It is so fun to work with such a spontaneous couple that truly loves one another. It makes the memories that we capture timeless and pure.

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage. May your love be modern enough to survive the times, but old fashioned enough to last forever.


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Dress: Elli-Nicole Couture

Hair: Melissa Minne

Accessories: Lovisa

Shoes: Aldo

Flowers & Decor: Cafe Fleur

DJ/Band: Up a Tone