You don’t have to be vain to want memories of your wedding day to look lovely, but, you do have to have a wedding photographer who is creative and professional enough to make you look good even when you shed those tears of joy.  You also want something more to show for your wedding day than a big bill for flowers that have already wilted by the time you are off on honeymoon!

It is essential to choose a photographer who has a portfolio to give you an idea of what you can expect on your wedding day.  You need someone who will capture the essence of the romance and the bond between you and your partner, as well as pick up on those special touches in the decor or flowers that you have spent so much time on putting together.

Choose your wedding photographer by starting with a look through their portfolio to get a measure of their previous work, their ability and their artistry in there other photographic work.  Experience is essential when it comes to paying attention to the smallest of details that make up the whole of your wedding day.

The photographs of your wedding are the only tangible memories you have of the day and many couples are disappointed with bad photography as a result of using a cheap photographer.  It really is worth so much more than money to place your memories into the hands of a professional wedding photographer who has invested in the best equipment for beautiful results.

The husband and wife team of Marius and Karen at Sagely Photography are unique in that both are experts in their respective careers. Marius has dedicated many years to wedding photography as well as spending time in London and Paris honing his talent for creating photographs that bring your wedding day to life again vibrantly. Karen is a professional make-up artist who has worked with well known personalities in the music industry and done make-up for top magazines as well as television; it is her dedication to her craft that will go towards making you even more beautiful for your wedding day.

Contact this warm and talented team to plan for your dream wedding and the memories they will capture to last a lifetime.