Out of all the people and all the places. You met each other at the right time and at the right place. Maybe it was fate, maybe it was luck but we are so happy that you came together.

Chris & Britt are such a fun adventures couple that can’t get enough of each other. From the first time we met them when we did their engagement shoot we were starstrucked by their amazing personalities and how well they go together as a couple.

Chris & Britt couldn’t be more perfect for each other they both have young souls that want to be with each other and explore the world side by side.

This was a very fun wedding for us at Green Leaves. We met so many new people and we were able to witness such a beautiful occasion.
Britt looked absolutely stunning in her white dress and with all her bridesmaids also dressed in white really complemented the purity of this occasion. Chris couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw his beautiful bride to be, coming down the aisle. That was the moment that made us realise all over again that we simply love our job.
Capturing such special moments with such emotion is the most wonderful thing that any human being can experience. In that moment you know that true love still exists.

To Chris & Britt…
May your love be modern enough to survive the times and may your love be old enough to last forever.


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