Elana & Andrew…

Faith makes all things possible. Love makes all things easy.

Andrew & Elana is one of the most caring couples we have met on our journey. They don’t just care deeply for one another but also for all their friends and family. This was truly a special privilege to capture their wedding as we are very good friends and already part of the family.

Tannie Elma, Elana’s mom, did an amazing job with the flowers and setting up the reception area. So much detail and planning goes into a wedding and we sometimes take it for granted.

Elana, you looked so beautiful in your gorgeous dress. Karen added the extra touch with your make up and hair.

What an amazing moment it was when little Sam joined his mother and father when they made their promise to each other. You could just see the pride in Andrew’s eyes.

A big thank you to all the parents, brothers and sisters who helped
make this day possible.
Andrew & Elana, we wish you the strongest love and trust in the world, because without trust there can be no love… We hope you enjoy your new life together and that Sam will only bring you much closer and joy in your lives.

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