Angela & Gareth

As soon as I saw you I knew a grand adventure was about to happen…

At Cathedral Peak Hotel is where Gareth & Angela vowed to each other that they will love and care for one another until the end of time. And what a lovely day it was filled with love and joy.

This was a wedding with the most beautiful view ever.
And what made this wedding so exceptional was that every friend and family member were taken on a helicopter ride to go and witness such a spectacular natural beauty which is the drakensberge. This was quite a spectacular wedding and one that everyone will certainly remember for a long time.

Gareth & Angela are such a nice couple. Two people with a heart of gold. When we did the couple shoot you could really see that the love they have for each other is unconditional and that they will forever love one another. Angela looked just a naturally beautiful with her make-up and hair done by KarenB as the view from this wedding was.

We hope that Gareth & Angela will always keep the adventure going with the love they have for each other.

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