Jana & Waldo…

Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life. Love gives us a fairytail.

And what a fairytail this was…
The love story between Jana & Waldo is something that every girl wishes for when they are little. A couple more meant for each other you will never find in your lifetime.

This was a magical wedding everything was done to perfection. Capturing the love between Waldo & Jana was exceptional because they are so true to one another.
Waldo & Jana were both a bit nerves before the wedding but still excited to be able to call each husband and wife.

When Jana came into the chapel she looked radiant in her white dress. The make-up and hair done by KarenB made Jana look like a real princess. The room just filled with smiles as she made her way down the aisle to her yet to be husband that was waiting for her with the biggest smile that you have ever seen.
The celebration with family and friends was amazing and so heartwarming. You could see that they are just one big happy family.

We wish Waldo & Jana all the best in their love story and hope that their love will be ever lasting.

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