Reece and Laviane held their amazing wedding at Tres Jolie in Johannesburg. I sometimes ask our brides to tell me a bit more about how she met her husband to be… This is one I had to share…

You made the horrible mistake of asking me to tell you about Reece and I… LOL, I hope you’re seated with a warm cup of coffee, our story makes for a Tyler Perry movie.

I met Reece when I was about 12 years old and I had the craziest little girl crush on him, he didn’t even notice that I existed! Lol Him and his mom moved to JHB from Pretoria in December 2000 and that was when I met him.

His step dad and my family were close friends so I’d say he was a “family friend”, Just my luck as this meant I had to see him at all family gatherings and functions and would have to act very blasé about his presence.

This “crush” eventually disappeared when I went to high school and focused on school (and maybe accepted that he didn’t “like me back” hehe)
Skip a few years to when I was 15 years old and he eventually confessed that he “likes me back” (Can you just imagine my excitement!)  My dad however was a very strict, old school, no boyfriends kinda dad, so Reece and I would chat and call each other on the down low and sneak around at family gatherings, all with the help of my 2 older sisters. (thinking about how silly we were is actually quite funny now) It was actually quite cute, aunties would catch us looking at each other from across the room or overhear us talking, eventually the whole family started suspecting that we liked each other and would make jokes about us dating.

Skip again to when I’m 17 and in Matric and I ask Reece to be my farewell partner (little did everyone else know he had already been my undercover boyfriend for 6 months at the time) So my farewell was kinda our official “coming out as a couple” hehe

It’s all rollercoaster from then on out, for 7 years. We broke up in June 2012, and made up in April 2013, our longest and most serious breakup.

BUT, our breakup made us both realize that we were meant for each other, we had absolutely no interests in anyone else and ended up back together, our relationship was a trillion times stronger than I could’ve ever imagined it to be and in January 2014 we had a beautiful baby girl, born just 2 days before my 25th Birthday.

We had been talking about getting married since June 2014 but not very seriously, all just “one day” conversations. By June 2015 the conversations got a lot more serious and we started researching and visiting venues and looking for photographers etc. (so basically I was planning my wedding before we were even officially engaged. (the love I have for this man!)
How he proposed: We agreed that we would not do Christmas gifts last year because we knew we planned on getting married this year and because my daughters 3rd birthday and my birthday are both in Jan, He agreed and we went about our holidays. 2 days before Christmas he came to my house and left what was clearly a shoe box under the Christmas tree. We got into an argument about how we agreed we weren’t doing gifts and how I look bad and he just laughed it off.

On Christmas day after lunch there was all the excitement about opening gifts and my mom starts pressuring me to open my gift (I should’ve realized then that something was up because my sister got up and started recording me)
I opened the box and it’s a pair of new balance sneakers, I’m still in my own little zone looking for the size of the shoes and he turns them and tells me to read the back, I read the one in the box and it said “ME”, so I turned the one in my hand to read it and it said “MARRY”, My brain instantly switched off and my heart and eyes turned the waterworks ON LOL

My mom and sister knew all about it which totally surprised me, Reece is a very shy private person so I was expecting a proposal when the 2 of us were alone on a date night or something, It was one of thee most memorable moments ever.

In June this year we will be together a total of 13 years and despite all the ups and downs and break ups and make ups, there’s not a single person in this world that I would’ve rather been with.
I mean I knew from the age of 12 that I loved this man…

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