Some tears, lots of smiles, a handsome groom, and a beautiful bride, a stunning venue, good friends and lots of laughter… These were just some of the ingredients at Carlo and Siaan’s wedding on the 11th of February at Avianto.

This was a truly spectacular wedding with family and friends all joining in on this special day. Carlo, together with his brother looked dashing in their suits, and I must say that the 2 dads looked very handsome. It was such a relaxing atmosphere at the wedding and you could just sense that this is going to be a good one! Siaan blew everyone’s breath away when she entered the room in her dress. All the ladies looked so gorgeous in their dresses, especially Siaan’s mother.

Thank you guys for making this a memorable day and allowing me to capture your moments! God Bless C-&-S_005 C-&-S_007 C-&-S_027 C-&-S_034 C-&-S_039 C-&-S_047 C-&-S_059 C-&-S_063 C-&-S_066 C-&-S_077 C-&-S_082 C-&-S_086 C-&-S_100 C-&-S_101 C-&-S_118 C-&-S_121 C-&-S_124 C-&-S_136 C-&-S_138C-&-S_142 C-&-S_153 C-&-S_156 C-&-S_163 C-&-S_167 C-&-S_174 C-&-S_183 C-&-S_196 C-&-S_198 C-&-S_206 C-&-S_214 C-&-S_219 C-&-S_224 C-&-S_231 C-&-S_234 C-&-S_243 C-&-S_249 C-&-S_252 C-&-S_257 C-&-S_262 C-&-S_281 C-&-S_284 C-&-S_296 C-&-S_298 C-&-S_304 C-&-S_310 C-&-S_327 C-&-S_336 C-&-S_341 C-&-S_353 C-&-S_354 C-&-S_382 C-&-S_391 C-&-S_408 C-&-S_436 C-&-S_473 C-&-S_562 C-&-S_569 C-&-S_576 C-&-S_587 C-&-S_589 C-&-S_597 C-&-S_600 C-&-S_602 C-&-S_608 C-&-S_615 C-&-S_617 C-&-S_624 C-&-S_625 C-&-S_639 C-&-S_642 C-&-S_646 C-&-S_650 C-&-S_652 C-&-S_664 C-&-S_668 C-&-S_690 C-&-S_706 C-&-S_722 C-&-S_741 C-&-S_771 C-&-S_807 C-&-S_818 C-&-S_858 C-&-S_892 C-&-S_910


Venue: Avianto

Wedding Cake: Baker Boys