That unforgettable moment when Liechen walked down the aisle is what I will never forget from Leo & Liechen’s wedding at Mongena Game Lodge. What an incredible privilege it was to capture the special moments of these two. Marina form Mongena was outstanding with her service. Always having a smile on her face ready to help. Leo & his best men made sure that there were plenty of laughter to go around for the day. He looked quite the part in his custom made bowtie.

Liechen looked stunning in her wedding dress and all that she wanted to do, is to get to Leo and marry him. Their day was so special with the game drive and the sunset was just amazing.

I will never forget the words of Liechen when we ended the shoot with the most beautiful sunset. “even if it was just us and God as our witness, I will marry you right again, right here…”

Wishing you a blessed marriage you guys! MariusL-&-L_001

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