Other than your wedding dress the only physical manifestation that you get to keep after your wedding is your wedding album, and you deserve nothing less than the best on this special day. Your wedding photographs are going to be shared with family for generations to come and having a photographer that you trust to capture these memories is one of the best investments you can make for your wedding day.

A wedding photographer is a special breed of artist, and other than your partner, you will be spending most of your day with your photographer, which makes it essential to find someone you are comfortable with to capture the most natural images possible.

Considering how much of your time will be consumed in preparation for your wedding with visiting venues, meetings with your wedding dress designer, cake makers and florists, by the time you get to book your wedding photographer you may be so overwhelmed by the choices out there that you decide on the quickest and cheapest option.

This could easily be a disaster waiting to happen with an end result that does not in any way reflect the magic of your wedding day.  The last thing you want is to have photographs of your wedding that are not professionally done, with incorrect lighting and bad angles or the intrusiveness of a sloppy, unprofessional photographer.

The team of Sagely Photography, headed by Marius and Karen are committed to continuing to offering you everything beautiful and professional about wedding photography and make-up.  This same commitment, as well as the passion for creativity that both convey in their respective roles make this husband and wife team exceptional, and has taken them successfully through 450 weddings since their start in 2007.

Marius and Karen do not believe in interrupting the natural magic that flows on your wedding day and also recognise the value of giving you the kind of direction that is easy to respond to instead of posing you, which allows them to capture the magic of your day in a more natural way.

Sagely Photography want to make you look your best on your wedding day as well as to tell the story of your dream wedding in photographs that twill tell every facet of your story perfectly.