Capturing the precious moments that add up to beautiful memories of your wedding day is an art that is best left to a professional you can trust. When the ceremony is over, the party has ended and the decor worn out, the only way to recapture the memories of your special day is to know that you have a wedding photographer with the experience, sensitivity and professional ability to capture the nuances throughout the day and present them to you as an eternal memory.

With 450 weddings captured in exquisite detail behind his back, Marius has 9 years worth of experience in knowing how to capture images that speak a thousand words well into the future, along with his lovely partner-wife Karen who is a make-up artist highly regarded in her field.

In order to shore up his knowledge of wedding photography and take it to the next level, Marius has spent time in London and Paris gaining even more experience and keeping him up to date with the latest trends in wedding photography.

As Marius’s right hand, Karen is an artist in her own right with high profile experience in the industry doing make-up for weddings, television, film, fashion shows, magazines, model portfolios and special effects.  A better team than Marius and Karen will be hard to find, and, just by looking at their gallery of stunning wedding photography, you can be confident that the memories of your wedding day will be beautifully unique.

Placing these precious memories into the hands of a well experienced and fully professional wedding photographer means that you will never end up with photographs that do not reflect the beauty of your special day.  No amount of money can replace memories that are lost through bad photography and the Sagely Photography team will present you with a result that is priceless.

Marius and Karen know exactly how to make you feel comfortable and at ease while they are able to give just the right amount of direction to make your wedding photographs natural and fun.  Give this dynamic duo and their team a call at Sagely Photography to create memories that are an expression of pure artistry.