Clarissa & Nico…

Love is sweet when it’s new, but it is sweeter when it’s true.

And we know now that the love Nico & Clarissa have for each other is the sweetest love you will ever find in your lifetime.

A couple more meant to be you will never find. We can’t even begin to describe to you what an amazing couple this was.
The day started of with a little bit of unwanted rain, but never the less it was still the most beautiful wedding.
Nico & Clarissa wasn’t going to let a little bit of rain stop them from enjoying what was the biggest day in the start of their new journey together.
We must admit the rain did give as a little bit of a challenge but nothing we weren’t able to handle. We love a bit of a challenge it keeps life interesting…

They always say you can’t enjoy the wonders of a rainbow without a little bit of rain. We definitely know this is true because being able to be apart of this wedding and experiencing the sweetest love of them all was definitely our rainbow of the day!! Seeing KarenB transforming Clarissa into one of the most beautiful brides was also definitely a rainbow in the making.

For us this was also the most fitting metaphor that they can always remember on the first day of their journey together, is no matter how hard life gets being there for each other, loving one another and getting through whatever life throws at them together will be their rainbow.

We wish them all the best and we hope that they will remember this.
Also always remember marriage is like a gift … open it up and enjoy!

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